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“Thank you sincerely for all your help and expertise with my parents move. Your staff were really great and they treated my Mum and Dad as if they were their own. They made them feel so relaxed and the whole move experience was an unexpected pleasure for them.”
Goldstar Packing Advice

Pack the easiest items first like books or CDs.

Pack each box at a similar height with heavy items at the bottom of the box.

Use the smaller boxes for heavy or fragile items

Use bubble-wrap for breakable items, plain paper for crockery and glasses and fold a tea towel on the top for extra cushioning.

Leave large pictures and mirrors till last we can look after these items for you.

Park your car and a neighbours directly outside to save a space ready to remove when we arrive.

If possible arrange for pets and young children to be elsewhere on moving day.
We supply free 
boxes, tape
and bubble-wrap!
Plus clothes rail on the day
Packing Advice-secure.pdf
Click on the PDF image to download our Packing Advice to Customers Guide